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Healthy Food Recipe - An Essential Component to Your Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy food recipe does not have to be boring. In fact, you can create a healthy food recipe which is almost identical to a high fat recipe.

Take a hamburger healthy food recipe, for instance. Yes, hamburger. If you're looking for healthy food in washington dc, healthy food in nassau, healthy food in st louis or healthy food in los angeles, you may not find a hamburger made with a healthy food recipe if you're wanting to eat out. You'll find some hamburgers which are healthier than others, certainly.

But for a really great hamburger healthy food recipe, you might want to make it yourself. It's fun!

You can even use your normal hamburger recipe if you wish, but with modifications. Or you can create your own healthy food recipe for hamburgers along these lines:

The keys are to use very lean hamburger mince, and to add grated or shredded vegetables (carrot, zucchini, apple, parsley, etc.). Then you need to grill, not fry.

And to top off your healthy food recipe, you'll need to serve your cooked hamburgers on a healthy wholemeal bun, with some salad. A healthy food recipe that's not only a health food, but is a yummy treat as well!

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